Strengthen Your Immune System

(photo by Darren Coleshill on Unsplash)

We all need a little extra help around the holidays to keep from getting sick. A healthy immune system is even more important when the weather turns cold and extra holiday stresses get us down. Let’s take care of ourselves so we can enjoy the winter season! When we say Merry Christmas, we want to really mean “merry.” Let’s learn how to avoid getting sick any time of year.

As an actor and a singer, I see every year that my friends who are in Christmas plays or concerts often get sick just when it’s time to perform. That’s no fun, and it lets the audience and your fellow performers down. There is a better way. 

The first step in creating a strong immune system is to cover all your nutritional bases. Here’s a video that explains how best to do that.

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Did you know that 75% of your immune system is in the gut? Good quality probiotics contribute to gut health as well as immune health.

I have a PDF document about the Immune System that I would be happy to send you. This is the same information I use to stay healthy all year long.  Just click on Contact Me and request the Immune System PDF. 

Let me know in the Contact Me box if you would like a personal chat about your individual needs. I can steer you to the most economical way to build your health this winter and beyond. Let’s talk!



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