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There’s a new catalog called “Life Without Compromise,” and I’d like to share what I’m learning from it. If you would like to read along, you can do so here:  (Or click on the cover photo) Then you can flip between tabs as I review this catalog.

We all make compromises every day. We fudge on our goals, we let someone have their way (not always a bad thing), we work on finding ways to please all sides at work. Sometimes compromises are necessary in life – but  not when it comes to products we ingest or use on our bodies or in our environment. What is it like to live life without compromise?

“At Shaklee, we believe in living the life you want – without compromise. We provide pure, safe, proven products that give your body what it needs to thrive. And we provide an income opportunity that can help you live life on your own terms.”

After 24 years as a Shaklee customer and distributor, I think this is the best, most comprehensive catalog yet. The mission and vision of the company is clearly described. “Our mission is to provide a healthier and better life for everyone.” (Roger Barnett, Shaklee chairman and CEO)   I can honestly say that I have a healthier and better life because of my long-time connection with this company. At 68 years old, I am active and healthy and take no prescription medications. And my hope for the future is brighter because of my Shaklee business. No one can fire me, or downsize me – I can create the future I want. (If you would like to know more about the career options, contact me.)

Health: Clinical Results Without Compromise

“At Shaklee, we never sacrifice safety and purity for efficacy. We create safe products that do what we say they will do. Every single time.”

Have you heard of the term “beyond organic”? Organic refers to how and where an ingredient is grown. Shaklee goes beyond that to test the ingredients after harvest and after manufacture to make sure there are no chemical contaminants. Wow. That’s beyond organic. And I like to go through this whole catalog to find anything I might otherwise buy in a store. Then I switch to ordering online from Shaklee because I would rather be using products from a company that is certified Climate Neutral. I can support the planet by shopping!

I can see that it will take a few posts to review this complete catalog. But you don’t have to wait for me – you can look look through the whole thing whenever you like.

Health Print


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Coming Soon: The Building Blocks for Life

If you can’t wait, start at page 6. Life Without Compromise Catalog



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