Filling the Income Gap

Mind the Gap

We all have gaps in our lives.

  • There’s the gap between the end of the money and the end of the month.
  • There’s the gap between what we believe our time is worth and how much we actually get paid.
  • There’s the gap between how long it will take to build a comfortable retirement income and how much time we actually have left.
  • How about the gap between what our health insurance will pay for and what we are stuck with paying for ourselves?

What that says to me, is that even if we are one of the lucky ones to be in a fulfilling career, there is a need for a side income. And it would be great if that side income produced residual results.

Residual income –

Residual income would be like getting a second Social Security check, and it could even be much more than whatever we get from Social Security. (Side note about Social Security – if you are a spouse who is receiving half of your spouse’s amount, check the fine print to see what you will get if you are the survivor. It might just be the half you get now. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but better to know now, than to be shocked at an already trying time.)

So, how do we go about filling that gap?

In the last century there was a myth, which proved true for some people. Sadly, it is no longer true for most of us:

“If you work 40 hours per week for 40 years, you will be well taken care of in your retirement.”

Actually, what the “ideal” scenario works out to is a retirement income that is 40% of what was never enough in the first place. Not so ideal, is it? And in the 21st century it is increasingly rare to work for the same company for your whole career. Not many Millennials are expecting to work for the same company for 40 years, let alone receive a pension.

With the new model of job portability and lack of stability, it is wise to have a side gig that can carry you through layoffs and downsizing episodes. And that side gig, if you manage it well, could provide most of your retirement income. But what can you do if you already work 40 hours a week?

Enter Network Marketing

If you have a reputable company to represent, and a simple system that you can manage in a few hours a week, you can create a new income source that will fill those gaps. Think college expenses, medical bills, debt reduction, and hey, how about travel? Do you think you could do that extra work for 2 – 4 years to establish something that will benefit you and your family for life? The idea is that it’s not all up to you – you develop a team of associates who help each other. And I will work with you and your team to get off to a great start.

I personally use a system that can work for any determined, hard-working person who has gaps to fill. You can learn more on this page, and then if you are still interested, contact me to learn about the system that can make it work for you.

Let’s all help each other Mind the Gap!



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