How to be a Real Entrepeneur

Definition from Google: en-tre-pre-neur, noun, a person who organizes and operates a business or businesses, taking on greater than normal risks to do so.

Are you like me? I always want to be the different one; design my own life. I also really like the idea of creating my own “job security,” as in – no one else can fire me. I’m willing to risk a little  for the ability to have more control over my future. 

There is a new podcast by Roger Barnett CEO of Shaklee Corporation, that I have listened to over and over again. He talks about entrepeneurship and how to make good business decisions, woven into his personal story. He has renewed my passion about this company and the potential to make a difference in people’s lives. Here are some highlights:

  • A good business needs to be scalable (Lessons learned from his first business at 4 years old)
  • Know your worth (Be wise about how much to charge)
  • Should be more than a “project.” (Once a project is over, it’s over)
  • No ceiling to success (Choose a growth market with little or no limits)
Roger Barnett
Click on the image to hear the podcast, or visit

This is only the beginning – I highly recommend that you listen to this podcast. Roger is an entertaining storyteller. He offers good advice gathered from his years of buying, selling and managing successful businesses. He is offering his expertise to us as a way to allow his experiences to benefit humanity.


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