“B” is for Business – What is Your Plan “B?”

Alphabet 15 - B colorWhat is your Plan “B?”

“B” is for business. Do you own a business, or does your business own you? If you don’t own a business, is it because you’re afraid you won’t have a life any more? But think about your job – how many hours can you call your own? Job or business: which is safer for now and the future?

Here’s the Old School “get a degree, get a job” Plan “A:”

  • Get a degree so you can get paid more.
  • Get a secure job with benefits. (fairy tale?)
  • Save for retirement, invest in a 401K.

See how the Plan “A” wasn’t working for Keejara and Jan, and how they solved their problem. They have a beautiful Plan “B!”

Keejara & Jan’s Shaklee Effect

What happened to the tried and true scenario?

  • Many recent college graduates are working minimum wage jobs.
  • Employers keep hours below the minimum to avoid paying benefits.
  • What worked for our parents and grandparents isn’t working for many people any more, and they may never understand why we need to do things differently.

So what’s the answer? Be your own boss.

Owning your own business is a good way to save on taxes. (I’ll do an entire post on that later.) A home-based business allows many more deductions than a wage-earning job. The best part – you are in control of your future earnings. It may take a while to get it figured out, but you can do it if you are determined to make it work.

If you have children at home, you can save on child-care. You can be there for your children’s special events, and help them do better in school. This is priceless.

But what about the start-up costs? Franchises have a huge investment that takes years to recoup. Starting your own business from scratch requires even more investment. For most of us, a network marketing business is a better way to go. Both Donald Trump and Robert Kiyosaki recommend network marketing as a perfect fit for a new independent business owner to get started. There is a very low start-up cost, low risk, usually no inventory, and the company provides support such as website and order fulfillment.

Here’s the best part:

Once you understand the value of network marketing over a sole proprietorship, you’ll be on your way. What are some examples of self-employed positions? Consider the life of a medical doctor – actually a highly paid wage earner. If the doctor doesn’t work, he/she doesn’t get paid. This goes for lawyers and almost all other professionals, no matter how high their pay scale. Then there’s the typical small business owner, such as a boutique, donut shop, or small café. If you know anyone with this type of business, you know they are almost never home. Service professions are the same – no work, no pay.

Here’s the difference with Network Marketing: The new business owner builds a team of partners who each have their own business, in relationship with the others. Once the team leader has enough partners working with him or her, they can go on a vacation, and the orders keep coming. Income is not dependent on number of hours worked, but on the team you have built. This continues into retirement. You can slow down and eventually stop working on the primary tasks of the business, and the income keeps coming.

Here’s how one stay-at-home Mom built a business after moving to a new town.

Michele’s Shaklee Effect

Of course, this only works if you are aligned with a stable company that will still be there when you retire. The company I work with is 57 years old, and still growing. Now that’s job security. You can find out more by clicking HERE.

Contact me and let’s have a conversation about what you are looking for. I’d love to help you find it.




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