Art Film Project: Here’s Something I Really Care About

"Imagination" painting by Mark R. Turner
This is the painting on which our film is based.  Click here to learn more about the project.

Why do I do all these crazy things? Why do I write blogs, host parties, help people start businesses, help people manage their social media, teach people about nutrition and health, hang out at restaurants doing surveys?? What keeps me going, what drives me?

Here’s my big WHY: Mark and I have a vision to open peoples’ eyes to realize their potential, to see God in the beauty around them — to make beautiful art films which draw people to God. 

Our next film is called “The Gateway.” It centers around the painting you can see here, but will incorporate the works of many artists we have yet to meet.

We need your help to spread the word to make this project a reality. Please share this blog and our arts web site Horizon Gate.

Donna & Mark Turner
2012 Star Awards Recipients

Here we are! We have been working together on art and films for a long time, and we’re still going strong. Please help us find emerging artists  to submit their work for this new film, and arts supporters to volunteer and fund the project.                                                                                        

What are  YOU  working on? How can we help you??


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